Dr. Alex Franko 
Physical and cognitive enhancement

Tips for life

Live a Better Life

1. Wake up and go  to bed the same time each day

2. Eat three meals a day

3. Go for a walk everyday  for at least 20 minutes

4. No eating 3 hours before bedtime

5. Do not go  to bed angry, take time and talk the problem through

6. If you take medication, make sure you take it  everyday the same time. You health depends on it

7. Do it today, don't wait  for tomorrow

8. Read a great book, the kind everyone just talks about

9. Get at least 4 hours of sleep a night, if your need more, sleep faster

10. Make each day count, if everyday is the same, you must  do something different

11. Never eat fast food, eat fast, die fast! Go back  to whole foods

12. Eat at least 3 fruits or vegetables a day
13. If you cannot  sleep, exercise during the day

14. Take the TV out of your bedroom, no reading in bed, practice good sleep hygiene
15. Go out and do something  for someone else, you will get back more than  you imagined

16. Stop drinking DARK soda

17. Take the salt shaker off the table

18. Look into NEUTRACEUTICALS,  change your life
19. Get off narcotic pain medication

20. Seek out a good chiropractor. 
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