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Help For New Physicians
Start  from day One. The more you understand about how your money is being spent,  the better will be able to learn business.
When looking for a new practice or if this is your first time looking  for a job out of residency; here are some helpful hints that could save your sanity and your time.

1. Ask Around. Go to the hospital and talk with the Medical staff office, See how your potential new partners are viewed by their peers.

2. Questions never hurt.  Keep asking as many questions as you need to, do not take anyone's word, this is your next biggest decision of your career.

3. Get in Writing.  Ask  your new potential partner to see Actual tax returns and monthly actual billings. Do not bite on projections from anyone, GET THE REAL THING.

4. Know your friends. Even though they tell you how good you are, recruiters are getting paid $10,000 to $40,000 to get you to sign. The pressure and the motivation are to close the deal, not make you happy.

5. You can take that to the Bank! Make sure you are paid directly, do not let your partner "make it easy" on you. You are responsible  for your income and the  repayment for that note. NEVER let the recruiter  or practice influence  your income stream.

6. Keep your Ace in the Hole!  Never agree to arbitration or mediation,  this will only weaken your ability to get out of a bad situation.

7. Just the Facts Mam'  Even though you may have a guaranteed salary, make sure you SEE the ACTUAL monthly billings and costs.
8. Don't try to re-invent the wheel.  There are many resources  to help you understand how to run a practice;
www.acponline.org , www.aafp.org , www.merritthawkins.com

9. Before you Move. Make sure that you move to a place you like, nothing worse that to be in a bad job, in a worse location.

10. Ask the Boss.   No matter what you thing, your SPOUSE is the biggest decision tipping point.  A great position can go very sour if your spouse is not happy. Just remember it's not all about you.

11. Fools  Rush IN!  Just wait before you buy,  renting a home   for a year could save you a huge headache.  Markets change.

12.  Protect Yourself!  Once you are in your new position, keep a finger on the pulse of the practice. Get a copy of your employment file, make sure the rumor mill does not grind you down. New  doctors   scare  some people, go out of your way to meet as many people as you can.

13. Spread it around. Be hungry, moonlight, do ER back-up, or Locums. Diversify yourself, keep your income stream and name alive in the community.

14. Watch the Fine Print. In your contract, make sure that your new employer/partners state clearly they will PAY IN FULL the cost of your HEALTH INSURANCE  and  MALPRACTICE INSURANCE.  Providing these services only means they will give you the forms. Both of these can run in excess to $3,000 for a family  and that will come out of YOUR pocket!

15. Be your Advocate.  Ask all of those awkward  questions  right now, your partners will come to  appreciate   your incite and honesty.

16. If you are asked to attend a professional
 meeting, take someone with you, never go into a meeting alone. 

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Dr. Alex Franko.
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Reading List for New Physicians

Servant Leadership-Robert Greenleaf

If Disney Ran Your Hospital, 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently- Fred Lee

The Seven Decisions- Andy Andrews

Unbeatable Mind- Mark Divine

Malcom Gladwell- ALL

Thinking, Fast and Slow- Daniel Kahneman

The Servant- James C Hunter

Understanding Patient Safety- Robert M. Wachter

The HCAHPS Handbook-Quint Studer

Hardwiring Excellence- Quint Studer

The 12 Bad Habits that hold Good People Back
-James Waldroop

Sun Tzu, The Art of War- Samuel Griffith

On Becoming a Leader- Warren Bennis

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team- Patrick Lencioni

The Prince- Niccolo Machiavelli

The Speed of Trust- Stephen Covey

Making the Courage Connection- Doug Hall

Out of Crisis- W.E. Demming

Tools of Titans- Tim Ferris

The Advantage-  Patrick Lencioni

Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product- W.A. Shewart
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